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World Map 2098 by Infekted1000 World Map 2098 by Infekted1000
I was just bored and decide to make some stupid thing which is a future world map, but here it is.

After the great World War 3, the national boundaries of the world have greatly been effected, including the invincible United States which have undergone more multiple civil wars, and the Union of Europe by the invincible 4th Reich.

United States and Canada undergone multiple civil wars and revolution which ended up splitting the territories to each independant sovereign nations including Texas, Confederate States of America, and the USA becomes UAS (United American States which only occupies the Yankee Land. Few Native American lands also becomes independant nations. Mexico regains it's territories. Cnetral America unites and becomes known as just America. Quebec finally becomes independant, and so as Vinland which becomes an Asatru (Norse Pagan) land.

South America is not greatly affected although Brazil gained French Guyana, Surinam, and Guyana. Ecudor is no more when taken over by Peru, and Bolivia is no more. Argentina gains Uraguay.

Greenland becomes on it's own.

Europe is united again by the Nazi under the 4th reich but this time it becomes invincible as the zionists/zionist jews have long ago been deported to what is now Palestinia (where the Palestinian rebel groups basically got rid of them) and Europea became know as ironically and the free-est and most developed and European culture will never die. Tatarstan and Bashkortostan broke out of Russia and became the Northwest Asia along with Kalmykia. Greece and Macidonia united and Albania remains at it always is.

Africa (except South Africa which became Eurofrica and the Northern Arab nations) became united into one republic. Tunisia has become part of Algeria.

Azerbaijan gain back South Azerbaijan from Iran/Persia as Armenia and Kurdistan gains their Territories. Armenia is no longer Land Locked. Georgia remains the same, and the anonymouse caucasian republics once part of Russia unites into Caucasia. Dagestan and Kalmykia becomes sovereign nation.

Iran becomes the NS secular republic of Persia (which is now the major world power along with 4th Reich of Europea). Saudi Arabia is no longer an Islamic kingdom but broke up into two republics including Arabia and Islamia (which happens to be the only Muslim nation left on Earth). Israel becomes Palestinia again but a secular nation as the zionists are wiped out by the liberation and freedom fighter groups. Jordan gains some territories from Arabia.

Central Asia greatly changed up as Pakistan disappeared and Baluchistan becomes Independant. Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan replaces Japan in being known for high living standards and high technology developers and for their secular democratic government. Punjab broke away from India, but Nepal and Bhutan remained the same. Afghanistan gained some land from Iran/Persia and Pakistan and has finally gained one of the high standards of living in the world as Taliban and all Islamic influences are torn away and replaced by traditional culture. Tibet became an independent state and Northwest China becomes Turkistan which also united with Kyrgyzstan and eastern Khazakhstan. Altai, Khakassia, Tuva, and Buryatia are independant republics. Mongolia gained some territories from Siberia and Magyar Kingdom forms at the south and Manchuria becomes it's own nation. Korea unites and also gains some long lost lands from China and southeast Siberia. Japan gains some disputed islands from Siberia. Hong Kong is Independant and Taiwan stays the same. Sri Lanka becomes part of India.

Malaysia is divided up between Siam and Indonesia. Papua Guinea gains its entire island. Southeast Asia took great impact due to much wars, and Laos is no longer landlocked. Bangledesh gained small land from India. The Aborigini groups of Australia declare themselves independant and split up from Australia and so did Tasmania. Australia is no longer considered a continant but just a part of Southeast Asia and much of the Pacific Islands united into Pacifica. Philipines stays the same.

During this time Judeo-Christianity disappeared from the world and Islamic religion is reduced to just Islamia and no where else. Judaism died with the jews. Much of the world returns back to pagan traditions.
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DaFreak47 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Ew. Quebec and Yucatan in the wrong places.
Okojo97 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
WTF... Who created this fuck? Our Russia doesnot collapse.
AnataraKentara Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No nation lasts forever.

Also, this Quebec - Quebec is the french SOUTH. You gave them the English part of Quebec. Weird.
Aeromars Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2012  Professional Photographer
I like ur ideas about Azerbaijan!Respect!
Infekted1000 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012
Sorry I just realized I mislabled Yukon with Yucatan, my bad. I am bad with english and names here
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